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Project Description
PsPad is Pixel Shader Editing Tool for Silverlight and WPF. You can edit your Pixel Shader code with HLSL, compile it, and see the result on this tool immediately. Also you can load and save Pixel Shader source and save compiled Pixel Shader to integrate your project.


Project "PsPad" is developing Pixel Shader source editing and build tool for Silverlight and WPF. You can compile your edited or loaded Pixel Shader source, manipulate parameters, confirm the result immediately and save it. The compiled Pixel Shader (.ps) can be added your Silverlight or WPF project and used in your Shader Effect (see MSDN Library for Shader Effect) .

Features of PsPad v1.0 are ...
  • Edit Pixel Shader source code.
  • Compile and see the Shader Effect result on image pain immediately.
  • Select Shader Model 2.0 (for Silverlight and WPF 3.5) and Shader Model 3.0 (for WPF4) to compile.
  • 4 float registers, 1 color (float4) resisters, 1 point (float2) registers are manipulated.
  • Load new image (.jpg).
  • Load Pixel Shader source (.fx).
  • Save Pixel Shader soruce (.fx).
  • Save compiled Pixel Shader (.ps).

This project use WPF 4 (C#) and Direct3D (C++/CLI) and you need Visual Studio 2010 and DirectX SDK to build this project, and need .NET 4 and DirectX Runtime to run exectable.

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